3di's web-based industry intelligence tool - Profiler, provides in-depth, comparative and benchmarking information on market and reference data services, and associated technologies.

Profiler provides in-depth information on more than 800 vendors and service providers in the industry and delivers information in excess of 1800 data products and associated applications and technologies.

With this unique tool, organisations can effectively evaluate their business requirements against appropriate data sources, identifying opportunities for product acquisition and substitution.

Profiler’s qualitative vendor and product information is continuously updated and purpose-built for reviewing market data.

Profiler offers a global database containing key company/ service information, including: strengths and weaknesses, data and functionality coverage and competitive solutions.

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Profiler provides unparalleled coverage on:

  • Web Based Market Data Services
  • Mobile Market Data Services
  • Broker Services
  • Direct Data Feeds
  • Technical Analysis packages
  • Dealing Solutions
  • Specialist Services
  • News Providers
  • Third Party Services
  • Research Databases

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