Data Compliance & Dependency Manager (DCDM)

3di’s DCDM 3.0 is the future of effective market data and reference data management. Buy and sell-side institutions cannot license and manage data distribution in a compliant and efficient fashion without a clear, holistic view of where the data is, and how it is being used in every part of the organization.

3di DCDM, supports a full-enterprise data model, so buy and sell-side participants can rely on DCDM to act as a book of records for any applications using and distributing market data and / or reference data. The service records all application data usage mirroring the same data used by, for example; trading, risk or portfolio management applications throughout the enterprise.

3di’s DCDM enables firms to have the ability to integrate with these applications and structure their data in a way that is consistent with vendor licensing and end-user consumption.

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