3d innovations (3di) reaches impressive milestone in licensing cost avoidance on behalf of clients


London (UK), New York (NY) – February 14, 20183d innovations, a data management software and services firm, today announced that in collaborating with financial institutions on data governance initiatives, the firm has reached an impressive figure of over USD one billion in cost avoidance. 3di have arrived at this positive checkpoint after 16 years of consulting across global data licensing domains.

Janelle Veasey, Director for Products and Services at 3di, recounts her first application-data assignment for RBS in 2002. Since then, she and the team have been conducting licensing remediation exercises at investment banks and investment firms across the world on an ongoing basis.

“While the cumulative sum sounds high, we have been around working on this since 2002. Since then, we have developed a unique culture of expertise in market and reference data management, based on 16 years of experience across 200 engagements and 300-plus sites world-wide. As a result, we are very much at the forefront of this domain challenge,” says Veasey.

The challenge stems from the proprietary nature of exchange and vendor licensing, and the lack of an industry-wide digital rights management framework to manage and survey data usage as it is distributed across a firm’s operations.

Veasey comments, "Data management and other operational groups are constrained by the capacity of their processes, people and technology in tracking data lineage and data usage throughout the enterprise. As a result, there is an endemic problem with the unintended use of unlicensed exchange and vendor data. This is a problem that data consumers are fully aware of so firms’ CDOs are always looking to supplement their operational teams with external consultative support in order to remediate."

John Ikel, Head of Data Licensing and Compliance at 3di, points to a small set of institutions whose financial exposure to penalty fines, back payments or punitive unscheduled licensing fees has been so high that it took firms years to remediate. Incurring extra costs across such period is simply unavoidable.

Ikel suggests that remediation engagements often result in cost avoidance and often the structuring of new licensing arrangements. Whilst additional licensing creates unbudgeted costs, both consumer and vendor are put on a better footing going forward.

"It's not all bad news for consumers", said Ikel, “Engagements carried out with exchanges and vendors underpinned by integrity and transparency can result in conciliatory licensing, coupled with a mutually better understanding of the application data management challenges being faced by consumer firms.”


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