3d innovations announces enhanced compliance and rights management features for exchanges and trading venues.

London (UK), 02/10/2017

3d innovations (3di), a data management software and services firm today announced the release of Profiler version 4, which contains expanded rights management and commercial policy content. In addition, 3di is adding a new exchanges and trading venues module, XVTM.

The XVTM module is the first of several planned new content modules targeted at specific services or data types, and builds on the core coverage of Profiler’s existing 900 vendors and 2000 products.

The module now classifies exchanges and trading venues as such (versus ‘data vendors’), including their inherent licensing and pricing policies, so those responsible for licensing have access to comprehensive product, policy and pricing details within the broader business intelligence framework of Profiler. When used in conjunction with appropriate and diligent contract management and data surveillance processes, they can now ensure their firms stay data compliant.

Janelle Veasey, Director of Products & Services, said, “Market data vendor management groups face the daily challenge of staying on top of ever changing exchange and vendor policies, and related commercial and use constraints. Profiler version 4 extends the BAU decision support features of Profiler to help those responsible for exchange and vendor licensing to keep abreast and up to date with a just a few mouse clicks.”

Veasey continued, “For this release, we re-engineered aspects of the code and content base to keep true to the Profiler broader content ideals and in step with its sister product Data Compliance and Dependency Manager (DCDM). Its development was done with imminent and future content modules in mind. While this took us longer than we or the market would have liked, our approach will accelerate future releases such as our advanced indices and benchmark content.”

John Ikel, Head of Compliance & Licensing, 3di, said, “We already had a large number of exchanges within Profiler, both large and small, going back around 10 years in some cases; so to support the more focused exchanges and trading venues module (XTVM), we enhanced the core structure of Profiler content to include more commercial policy information and rights management summaries across unstructured licensing types. What we have now is a richer blend of vendor management and data compliance information. Market data management groups have an extensive mandate to review exchange and vendor policies so content analysis and context need to be aligned – which is exactly what we can now offer in combination with our Data Compliance & Dependency Manager (DCDM).”

3d innovations is holding a series of user groups during Q4 to promote these latest product releases to its existing user base with DCDM version 4 also being released in Q4 of 2017.